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Life insurance is the cornerstone of any personalized financial strategy!  Your purchase of Life Insurance ensures your family’s financial independence. If the unimaginable occurs, Life Insurance provides for your family's life style, pays the mortgage, provides college funding for your children and protection for your spouse!

Ultimately Life Insurance is a purchase of love!  It is a gift of one spouse to another, from parents to children, from one generation to another. Life Insurance is the gift that says:

“I care about you. If I am not here to protect you, I have left a gift that will take care of  you.”

Although 75 % of Americans agree that life insurance is an important part of any financial planning program, Americans are woefully underinsured!

Only 44% of American families have individual life insurance coverage!

Almost 30% of American families have no life insurance coverage at all!

Life insurance is also key to business planning. "Key Man" policies protect  against the loss of a key employee. "Buy Sell Insurance" provides funding to purchase a deceased owners interest in a business.  Life Insurance can also be used to provide supplementary retirement income or fund employee bonus plans.

Protect your family and loved ones! If the unimaginable happens, let your family know that you cared, you loved them enough to secure their financial future.

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